With us you are never too far...
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As tempting as it could be to own a property in India the brunt of efficiently managing it may hold you back. Well, not anymore. Welcome to We boast of an excellent team of property management experts dedicated to providing the best quality of service in the industry. We cater to the needs of the NRIs who want to invest in properties and tour them from the comfort of the couch.

With us you are never too far...

So come and enroll with our customized packages and thank yourself for making the right choice.

Plot Management
We will manage your plot in India and keep you updated with the developments around your plot. We also provide photos, reports and much more information.
Plot Management Service
  • Pictures of your plot
  • Plot appreciation value
  • Legal opinion
  • Setting up a name board for your plot
Construction Updates
We will visit your construction site and create a list of completed versus pending phases for your quick comparison. We provide reports about neighbourhood for the developments.
Construction Updates services
  • Construction site photos & videos
  • Comparison of the construction phases
  • Upcoming activities
  • Interior decoration & other works
Tenant Management
Sign up with us and leave all your tenant activities to us. Be it collecting and depositing rent, painting your property, or any repair work, we are there for you.
Tenant Management service
  • Rent Collection & Deposit
  • Periodic Inspection
  • Utility Management - Electricity
  • Major Maintenance - Repairs
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  • Stop worrying about your property in India.
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